Finding beauty in our Brunswick studio

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It’s hard to predict how the impacts of covid will impact our businesses.
This is why we are forever grateful to those who have reached out, taken a chance and bought a knit.
Jess took a chance when she reached out to us on Instagram. She arranged this beautiful photoshoot in our Brunswick studio as a part of her local fashion designer series. 

We jumped at the opportunity to share our humble studio space with you!

The joy infused work of local photographer Jessica Grilli embodies that sentiment. Her film photography has a soul. It speaks to the depths in all of us, she has a way of capturing ordinary, everyday life, as if you’re seeing it for the very first time. 
She takes the seemingly mundane, and makes it momentous;

Like the sewing of the buttons on every one of our cardigans,

Or the tub of assorted scrap yarn,

our desk clutter, 

Or the snipping of loose threads. 

At Francie we still do all of these things by hand.

We design classic, timeless knitwear, often referring to the past for inspiration. This creates a sense of nostalgia, bringing psychological and physical comfort to the wearer. With dropped shoulders and a boxy silhouette, we can keep our size offering, simple; ‘petite’ or ‘relaxed’. We believe this makes Francie approachable for people of all ages and sizes.

In the same way that Francie feels nostalgic and approachable, so does the nature of Jessica’s photography. Jessica has a beautiful filter between her eyes and her mind, she can see the beauty in every day life and with her camera, she can show us too.

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