closing the loop

Knitwear Care

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We do everything we can to make our knits as sustainably as possible but we are passionate about closing the loop of the entire life cycle of our knits.

You can help us by caring for your knit, mending it when required, and disposing of it thoughtfully if and when you need to. We are here to support you every step of the way with forever care for your forever knit.

storage & care

Natural fibres naturally have odour-resistant and antibacterial properties, so if the garment isnt stained, then usually just airing it out on a hanger will suffice.

If you do need to wash it, we recommend a gentle hand wash with your favourite wool wash in lukewarm water.
After a swish and a rinse, remove the excess water by rolling in a towel (or if you trust your machine, you can spin it out) . Then, allow it to dry flat.
Never tumble dry your knitwear or leave it hanging when wet.

We recommend storing your knit folded flat to keep its shape.

For a natural moth deterrant, try storing your knit with bay leaves.

Mending tips

Every knit ordered through our online store comes with spare yarn and a spare button just in case you need it. If you lose it or need more, we have an archive of past-season colours, contact us and we will post it to you free of charge.


We work with local Australian woodworkers to create our darning kits which are just as beautiful to use as they are to give away as a gift.

We also love visible mending with contrast yarns and fabric scraps, have a look at our Pinterest for some visible mending inspiration.

forever care for your forever knit

If your Francie knit becomes damaged, we are here to help.

We can provide matching yarn and buttons for mending, and for most mends we also provide a repair service at our studio.

Each mend is unique. For an assessment of how we can help with your particular repair, get in touch with a photo and description to . Many small mends are complimentary.

repair service

Dispose thoughtfully

If you no longer wish to keep your knit and it is in reasonable condition, we encourage you to give it to a friend, sell it online, or donate it to an oppshop.

If your knit is damaged beyond repair and needs to be disposed of, it doesn't need to go to landfill.

Buttons - our Japanese buttons can be removed and kept for future use.

Composting - Any of our knits that are made purely of natural fibres will break down naturally and return to the earth via home composting. (And so will all of our packaging!)

Textile Recycling - The knits that contain small amounts of polyster won't break down via composting, but they can be recycled. We recommend upparel, who recycle textiles into felt, cushions, insulation, etc right here in Australia & New Zealand.