more sustainable & ethical than you may think

Possum Fibre

For Australian’s the choice for us to use possum may seem odd, but like everything we do, we have thought long and hard about it. Read on for why we choose to use this amazing fibre


This fibre is one of the softest and lushest we have ever felt. Its special hollow structure means
it is also the third warmest in the world.

This fibre is collected as a by-product of existing
pest control policies in New Zealand,
and we don't think it should go to waste.

low carbon footprint

Most available commercial knitting yarns are spun kilometers away in Peru, Italy or China. When we are able to source locally from Australia and New Zealand, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our knits.

Protecting New zealands flora and fauna

It is estimated possums destroy 21,000 tons of vegetation, per night. They also prey on native animals and birds, which is having a devastating effect on the native species. New Zealand is aiming to be pest-free by 2050 to help save its native flora and fauna.

New zealand has strong animal welfare laws

The hunters and trappers have a duty to adhere to the Animal Welfare Act 1999, and care for the welfare of the animals they capture. It is illegal for any hunter to cause or contribute to any unnecessary pain, suffering or distress of any animal, including possums.

possums get to live in the wild

Unlike many other animals that are bred for their fibres, which are often farmed, bred, or kept in cages, possums get to live normal lives in the wild.