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A Sense Of Place.

We hope that in our knits you feel the way we do at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

A sense of place. Physical and emotional connection to a space. Ease and belonging. We believe that these feelings can be echoed in the clothing we choose to wear. 

In design, these feelings can be evoked from the natural fibers on our skin, a nostalgic palette or classic relaxed shapes. These are the three key elements we have chosen for an elevated yet grounded wardrobe.

Once more we were drawn to Heide MOMA to capture our knits. The site has been frequented by creatives and artists since the 19th century. The Reed family formally founded Heide to nurture modernist Australian Artists in the 1930s and their legacy continues today.

Here we feel a sense of place. We feel creative, calm and connected to nature. We hope to evoke this with our knits, and with this film take you somewhere far away.

Where does she go when she is not
within herself?

She is clever, but not cunning.
Aware, but not always alert.

She is confident but can shy from the spotlight.

She likes to be with herself, her thoughts and feelings.
Her mind is complex and wishes are simple.

She reads books, but nothing too trendy.
A little bit of Didion, just because...

She listens to Albatross. The blues. Peggy Lee.
She sings her own lyrics of course.

She has her dinner by candlelight,
her wine escapes her lips sometimes when she sips.

She sheds a tear at the cinema.
She drinks her coffee hot and slow.

Never giving too much away,
she gives just the right amount to leave you wanting more.
She lingers. In a good way.

Perhaps her truth slips out at night, a reflection of worldly truth.
Perhaps after the song and dance,
in her own privacy protected by windows and walls?

She wears softness like it's a part of her,
her wardrobe symbiotic with her nature.

Emulating her hope for this world.
She offers up her cardigan to a friend who is cold.

Her scarf falls far from her neck as she roams and fancies.
Knowing what is lost will be found,
somewhere, somehow, in some exchange with the universe.

We think we know who she is, she lets us in just enough with her clues.

But where does she go when she is not within herself?

To watch 'A Sense of Place' Click here


Just like the production of our knits, this short film was the coming together of talented local creatives in Naarm & Aoteroa.

Produced by // Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd & Francie
Written & Directed by // Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd 
Talent // Badé Elif Gülmez & Luisa Marrollo
Narration // Kimbra
Director of Photography // Bonita Carzino
Editor // Geri Docherty
Music // Andy Kidd
Styling // Francie
Hair & Make up // Lily Swan
Film processing // Nanolab
Film Scanning // Memorylab
Colour // Bonita Carzino
Shot at The Heide Museum of Modern Art



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