Lunch with Helena and Melissa Mikletic

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We’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing and beautifully creative individuals within the world of Francie. Among them is Helena and Melissa a mother-daughter duo, who have their stars crossed with ours.


Let us introduce you over a spot of lunch in Helena's home...


Helena and Melissa have an abundance of talent for styling and curation. It is evident when stepping foot into either of their stores.  Helena governs a gentle, feminine boutique. Issa is abundant with homewares, gifts and womenswear from around the world. 

Melissa, her daughter, is the success behind Before March. The home to a collection of carefully considered brands that embody modern romanticism, high quality and a slow fashion approach that imminently leads to longevity.


The Mist Cardigan - Eggshell


They have very different customers and aesthetics, but both boutiques are equally strong and sophisticated, rooted in classic and timeless design. The focus on quality and longevity is expressed through their ‘less is more’ approach. This creates a feeling of calm as you enter their stores, allowing space to appreciate the beauty in all they have collected and curated. 

Helena and Melissa have been long term stockists of Francie, we are forever grateful for their support both on a professional and personal level.



Photography // Jess Grilli
Art direction & styling // Melissa Mikletic (Before March)
Muse //  Melissa Mikletic (Before March)

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