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Embracing Beauty and Love: Issa store in Ivanhoe | 15th of December 2023


Nestled in the heart of Ivanhoe, is a hidden gem of store called Issa.

I'm so proud to say that this space has been home to Francie since the very early days, and this year Issa hits a big 18 year milestone. In a fast-paced world where places can come and go in the blink of an eye, the longevity of Issa hints at how special this place is. When you walk in, you are not only stepping into Helena’s world.


 Although it is true that Issa is full of beautiful gifts, to describe Issa as a ‘gift shop’ would not do it justice. Each piece has been carefully selected from makers the world over, each piece earning its place in store. Hand made danish porcelain sits alongside French glassware, ready to adorn tables. Soft Belgium linens are stacked with blankets and pillow cases in gentle hues. Delicate clothing and jewelry hangs, all amongst the scent of delicate Italian fragrances.





"For me, it's always been about function, beauty, scent, and my true love of home," Her choices were never just about products; they were about fostering connections. "I bought from people I liked and felt I could build lasting friendships with." Along this journey, she encountered countless kindred spirits, forming beautiful relationships that transcended mere transactions.



In 2005, issa found its first home on Waterdale Rd in Ivanhoe, amidst a handful of shops, seemingly unlikely to fit in. However, this unassuming space soon blossomed into a sanctuary for those seeking not just presents but tokens of love and beauty. "Over the years, I've wrapped presents for birthdays, babies, weddings, thank-yous, Christmas, but most of all, love," she shares.

Owning the store was a childhood dream, and the name 'Issa' isn't just a label; it's a tribute to her own little girl Melissa (Who you may know from Before March store). "Curating issa, I always thought of Melissa".

 Every conversation at Issa reverberates with sentiments of love—love for giving and love for supporting the small industries behind the pieces. It's not just about the products adorning the shelves; it's about the emotions they evoke, the stories they carry, and the connections they foster.


As the years have passed, Issa has evolved into more than just a store; it's a testament to a heartfelt vision. It stands as a tribute to the power of relationships forged through shared passions, a haven where every item holds the promise of adding a touch of beauty and love to one's life. In a world that often rushes by, Issa stands as a reminder to pause, appreciate the finer things, and celebrate the essence of giving and owning something that is made beautifully.



You can find Issa at 170 Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia
on instagram at @issaivanhoe and online at

Photography by Patricia Sofra


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