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We are excited to introduce a new Francie home - New Zealand's Infinite Definite. Based in Christchurch, their signature approach to curation and styling, representing brands from all over the world, has unsurprisingly gained a loyal following, spanning far across Aotearoa. 

Recently they said haere rā to their incredible Store Manager April - a style icon, merching genius and yoga guru. They caught up with her at Supreme to ask her a few q's.

Genuine connection sits at the heart of all things Francie. We've loved working with April and are delighted to commemorate this by sharing this beautiful interview.

April wears the Possum socks in Crimson

Inf: What are your plans post Inf Def? 

April : I’m taking some time to slow down and enjoy being surrounded by my family. In saying this, I am working on completing some courses, going to lots of yoga classes, being outside in nature and getting creative with my art again. I don’t want to say too much because that creates expectations and I just want to move for myself.  

Inf: You were at Infinite for 2 years, what was your all-time favourite garment you bought in that time? 

April : Oooh this is a spicy question because I have bought so many beautiful pieces from my time at Infinite Definite. It's hard to choose! I’d say most people know I’m a huge fan of Penny Sage, I love her textiles, the brand's aesthetic, and her overall ethos along with the way her pieces fit / make me feel. In saying this, it would be wrong for me not to choose an item from her range with one of my all-time favourites being my Cleo dress in liquorice Tartan or my Johann coat - midnight which is absolutely beautiful!  

Mina, Kowtow and Francie are all very special to me too and I have some stunning items from them also that I love dearly.

Inf: You're a yoga girlie — would you describe your style as leaning more functional or frivolous? 

April : Mmm I think it all depends on what I’m doing. I'd say I'm more intentional with how I style myself. I love being expressive to create a particular look with my outfits. Fabrics are a huge influence on what I choose to wear/purchase. I love natural fibres which is reflected in my yoga/pilates outfits too. Being functional is so important for me in these situations when I'm being active etc. but for everyday wear, I love things to look neat and more ‘put together’. Functionality wise, I hate pockets on dresses - you can always carry a bag but for something like the Gramicci gadget pants how great are the pockets! I guess it all depends on my mood haha I don’t think I really know. 

Inf: How would you describe your style right now using a string of  ‘aesthetic’ buzzwords? 

April : Organic, Odd, Playful

Inf: What’s your fail-safe outfit formula for when you’re in an inspo rut?

April : This is easy! Midi to maxi length skirt (make it tartan for some flavour) pair it with a plain block-coloured top ~ think of something a little more elevated than just a plain t-shirt, such as the Marle Suki top! (this piece is so versatile). Make sure that whatever top you choose fits either the aesthetic of the skirt or colour of the skirt. Throw on a pair of half crew socks that match whatever top you have on, followed by any leather shoe such as a cute loafer or classic 1461Doc. Lastly, either choose a jacket or cardigan to match the skirt (Kowtow have the best boxy denim jackets for this look) throw on your favourite bag and any accessories you’re vibin' for the look.

Super basic but never fails me! This look would definitely work for a short skirt, however I'm just a long skirt gal!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pattern clash when done well, however, when you're stuck this just works!

April wears the Doll's jumper

Inf: Who are your style icons (expected/unexpected)? 

April : Oooh gee wiz, I have a few but haven’t found the perfect balance between all the different aesthetics I enjoy! I love 19th century fashion, I think it's absolutely beautiful, it would be one of the eras I admire most! Timeless looks, bold colourful looks, gorp core, cottage core (just a mixture) so here’s a couple;

Vicky Montanari, Mya Hansel, Albert Muzquiz (for mens fits), Jackie Pettitt & my beautiful friend Rosie from Rosaleen

Discover Francie & other gems via Infinite Definite

Naomi Haussmann @nayhauss

Supreme Coffee Christchurch 

Model & interview answers:
April Wadley @mayjune_april

Styling & interview by: 
Erin Broughton @frigginerin 
Infinite Definite @infinitedefinite

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