Fibre to final form.

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notes on fibre.

Possum is one of the best quality yarns we've worked with.
This choice has drawn a lot of curiosity.
We're an open book - so we wanted to take an opportunity to share our reasoning.

We're delighted to accompany this piece with images from our yarn partner Wool Yarns, NZ based experts in their field. Specialising in possum yarn & it's potential for luxurious blends, their signature Perino (65% possum down, 25% ZQ merino & 10% silk) shines in some of our lushest knits yet.


Possum yarn is both light in weight & unbelievably soft.
It is seriously hard wearing, we think of it like cashmere, only more resilient.

It's a tricky subject to raise, but possums have caused great harm to New Zealand's forestry & biodiversity. Consequently, they're considered a pest. The yarn we work with is a bi-product of this conservation act. It is important to us that nothing goes to waste.

Carbon footprint.
Working with a yarn that is locally sourced means we avoid flying them from the other side of the world.
Controlling our carbon emissions plays into the big picture of how we nurture a more sustainable practice.



fibre to final form.

We're proud to produce knits that do more than look good.

Where we now mostly see clothes through social media, paraded in their final form, it's important to remember that a delicate set of processes made that finished piece possible.

It took a lot to finally exist.

Sharing images of making processes is just as valuable as how you ultimately style your knit.

We hope this has made your Francie knits feel all the more treasured.



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