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Capsule wardrobe is a term that gets bandied around a lot,
but what’s it getting at? 


The concept takes cues from a time when people owned less clothing.
They washed, mended, let out and took in cherished items, wearing them often.
In a modern context, capsule dressing sits in resistance to overconsumption, anchoring us in the question:
What do I actually wear?


From this question, we can build our base - those key ingredients that form most of our outfits. They match back together easily and adapt to different personalities, occasions and seasons.

Capsule dressing gets flack for it’s focus on clean, monochromatic pieces, but these are the very items which can take on so many different personalities through their simplicity. 

Francie collections are built around the key considerations of a capsule wardrobe.

This visual series introduces these considerations, showing ways in which these principles can be adopted with our knits, as well as proving that applying these thought filters can still look joyful and creative.  


Building a foundation

These variations show how our Essence knit acts as a base staple.

Where we might think of a white t-shirt or classic shirt as a building block, our merino turtleneck proposes the same versatility.
 This core piece has the ability to be worn as both an outerlayer and a canvas to be layered over, the sign of a great foundation.


Seasonal versatility

Applying layers shows how capsule knits can transition ‘warmer weather’ pieces into the colder months.

Here, Gabby is wearing her own vintage Spring dress, translated for the colder weather through cocooning in our Echo knit and Cloud scarf.

As spring approaches, our scarf can be used a shawl over the same base dress or the jumper draped over the shoulders.

Promoting creativity


Key staples in monochromatic shades lend themselves to the imagination.

They can be reinterpreted and given new life through adding personality with styling.



Sitting across occasions  


The shape that launched it all; our Doll’s cardigan, offers multitude ways to be worn and adapted for dressier occasions, beyond simply defaulting with jeans.

Proving that good classics can shift across both dressier and low key worlds.

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